Notepad ++ CTRL+Y Shorcut Not Working

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Notepad ++ CTRL+Y Shorcut Not Working

In Notepad ++, the CTRL + Y combination is used to perform the redo function, which is the exact tailor of the undone(Ctrl-z).
However, if you installed the Zencoding plug-in to notepad++, this Ctrl + Y combination will no longer function.
Because in the zencoding plugin, this key has the following function: Evaluate Math Expression => CTRL + Y

To solve this problem, open C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Notepad ++ \ plugins \ NppScripting \ include \ Zen Coding.js.

Use Ctrl + F to search for "Evaluate Math Expression".

Then place two reverse slashes at the beginning of this statement and restart notepad++ again, and now the CTRL + Y key combination will continue to perform the old function redo.